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Adviceand services

Purchase of a (holiday) property
Switzerland has a stringent legislation when it comes to selling property (apartments/chalets or plots) to foreigners. The purchase of a property that will be used as the “main” residence is only possible if the buyer will be working and living (or will settle after retirement) in Switzerland and that he/she will be in the possession of the right residence permit.

When you would like to buy property as a second home or holiday home there are other rules and legislations. For this kind of purchase it is not necessary to have a residence permit but one does need a permit to enable you to buy a particular property. A special committee will investigate if you are authorised to buy property in Switzerland. You can, as a foreigner, buy only one Swiss property as a holiday home. When you would like to buy an extra holiday apartment, it is not authorised. When you are married you can’t buy another property in the name of the other one either. The surface area of the property is also determinative; please let us inform you about all the rules. These rules differ per canton as well.

Take up residence
Inhabitants of EU or EFTA countries can qualify for a Swiss residence permit if they have an annual income of over 50.000 Swiss francs and can prove that they will not benefit from the Swiss state. It is possible for EU citizens who are 55 years or older to qualify for a residence permit as a pensioner, ask us the conditions and if you qualify we can help you with the application and all other matters.

We can advise you about the many possibilities to study in Switzerland. In Switzerland you find a safe and international environment to study at well known and highly recommended schools and universities. You can find more information at www.smu.ch , www.les-roches.ch, www.las.ch and www.klas.ch , these are private schools (English spoken courses). There are also public schools and universities that are well known, their courses are taught in the local language (French, German or Italian).
We can help you to find the right school, education and we can arrange the student permit for you.

Interior decoration
We can help you decorate your apartment or chalet or order furniture, curtains etc. for you according to your wishes and needs. www.pesse.ch 
We can also suggest to have a look at the website of a dutch painter who is inspired by the things happening in life and the beautiful Switzerland. www.hanstenbroeke.nl